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We proudly use 100% Canadian-made materials in our buildings.

Metal Building ERECTOR Services

Canadian Metal Buildings provides professional steel building erection with in-house structural fabrication and on-site installation. Our experienced team will install your building to meet the most stringent building codes while providing a versatile solution for any of your project’s needs. CMB is an organization that thrives on a challenge. We pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently manage and problem solve, so your building comes on time with the quality workmanship you expect.

Whether you’re looking for a smaller residential metal building or a high-complexity warehouse build, our team at CMB makes it easy to complete your project with top-quality craftsmanship and rapid turnaround times. We proudly offer two tiers of service options to suit your unique project’s needs:

CMB Elite

If your company has a larger scale, higher-complexity metal building project, our CMB Elite option offers top-tier project management and installation. Utilizing custom equipment and larger crew sizes,  CMB Elite offers unique in-house management software and seamless customer service throughout the build process, while allowing you, the client, complete access to collaboration throughout the project. Do you have a need for CMB Elite services for your company? Contact us today for a free quote and to discuss your project.

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CMB Express

Do you have a need for something a little smaller? If you’re looking for metal building erection services for a building that’s 5,000 square feet or under, our CMB Express option is for you. Small but mighty, our CMB Express crews erect metal buildings with precision and top-quality workmanship. Our team proudly installs residential or agricultural metal buildings across Southern Ontario with unparalleled customer service. Contact us today for a free quote and to discuss your project.

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Metal Building Erectors

Choosing an erection crew that is certified and experienced helps streamline the process for maximum efficiency. Our experienced pre-engineered building erection crews know their buildings inside and out - resulting in better teamwork, craftsmanship and faster erection time. `  

At CMB, we don’t compromise quality when it comes to our efficiency. Our metal buildings are installed to the highest standards possible and with quality guarantees. We understand our customers want to get down to business and open their doors, and our team knows how critical timing is when it comes to industrial or commercial ventures. 

Assembling larger metal building projects requires superior leadership, especially as complexities magnify. Our team of professional project managers  orchestrate the erection of your building while allowing you to have complete access to the project timeline at your fingertips. Our innovative project execution methods include a unique project management system, ensuring your metal building is completed on time and on budget.

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